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Cold, Hard Football Facts.com planted its flag on Planet Pigskin in September 2004 and immediately established itself as a leading new voice for great sports writing and innovative, cutting-edge football analysis. 


The Cold, Hard Football Facts are built upon the bedrock of our Quality Stats, those indicators that have a direct correlation to winning football games.

Our ground-breaking Quality Stats power the winning game coverage at CHFF Insider, which has produced an incredible record of success analyzing teams and games for football fans.


The Cold, Hard Football Facts are seen on Sports Illustrated.com, frequent guests on NFL Films and NFL Network and on major broadcast, print and online media around the country. The Cold, Hard Football Facts are founding members of Football Nation.com, a "Fan Democracy" that empowers more than 1,700 fans, writers, contributors and analysts around the country to discuss the nation's greatest sports passion.


Here's what the sports world says about the Cold, Hard Football Facts:

CHFF dominated the mainstream media at the Pro Football Writers of America annual writing awards in both 2009 and again in 2010. Our moms were so proud!  

"Brilliant sports journalism" – Ben Maller, Fox Sports Radio Network  

"Guys like (CHFF publisher Kerry J. Byrne) are smart about football and they think about football." – Peter King, Sports Illustrated

"We get a lot of ideas from you guys," – the late Steve Sabol, NFL Films

"A must-read website for pigskin folk" – Bob Ryan, The Boston Globe  

"I'm a CHFF-oholic" – Bill Livingston, Cleveland Plain-Dealer

"A potty-mouthed new media trailblazer" – David Scott, Boston Sports Review

"The most amusing thing I've read about sports ... in the 21st century" – King Kaufman, Salon.com

"The Cold, Hard Football Facts is an addiction" – Gerry V., WRNO, New Orleans

"Stout-hearted geniuses– Dan Shanoff, formerly of "Daily Quickie" fame and DanShanoff.com

"Cutting-edge analysis" – Allen Barra, The Wall Street Journal

"(The Cold, Hard Football Facts are) hard working and harder drinking" – Rich Garven, Worcester (Mass.) Telegram & Gazette

"Refreshingly intelligent football analysis" – John Gonzalez, Boston Magazine

"An awesome site" – Chick Ludwig, Dayton Daily News  

"Your site and your people do a great job" – Adam Schefter (left), ESPN

"Whack jobs!" – Tom Curran, NBC Sports.com

"The best NFL site in the world" DarkPartyReview.com

"An awesome website!" – Homer True, ESPN Milwaukee  

See the CHFF-Esquire magazine tailgate here



The Cold, Hard Football Facts are an omniscient, all-powerful gridiron guru and emotionless arbiter of all things pigskin. We planted our flag on Planet Pigskin in September 2004 and since then we have rumbled over hacks, "pundits" and opinions with reckless, unrelenting and fact-filled impunity in our M1A1 Abrams Tank of Truth.  

Six months after the creation of CHFF, sports fans at BostonSportsMedia.com named us the No. 1 sports site on the Web. The site earned the same honor again in 2006. 

Also in 2006, sports fans at Football Outsiders.com named Cold, Hard Football Facts.com the No. 2 independent football site on the Web. Our unconquerable stories are built upon the bedrock of numbers, data and analysis and not upon rickety stilts of opinion stuck into the sucking, muddy morass of rumor and innuendo.  

The Cold, Hard Football Facts have no shame. We make up for it by having no pride, either.  



The Cold, Hard Football Facts were founded by "Potentate of Pigskin" Kerry J. Byrne. In addition to creatingthe revolutionary Cold, Hard Football Facts concept and is the nation's foremost authority on the "gridiron lifestyle" of beer, food & football. 

He's also food and drinks writer for The Boston Herald and has spent much of his "career" traveling around the beer-making capitals of the U.S. and Europe while writing for Esquire, Yankee Magazine, Penthouse (yes, that Penthouse), America Online, Epicurious.com, Boston Magazine, All About Beer and many other newspapers and magazines, most of them highly disreputable.  

Kerry took first-place honors in the Pro Football Writers of America 2007 writing awards and swept the floor with the "pundits" in the PFWA writing awards in 2009 and again in 2010. He was twice named North American "Beer Writer of the Year" at the Great American Beer Festival (2000 and 2001) back in his sudsy "professional" beer-drinking days.  

He's also a two-time winner of the Quincy Hi Sckool Spelin' B (1986 and 1987).  

When he's not ruthlessly crushing misguided gridiron opinions, he marches around the Cold Hard Football Facts.com cardboard-box world headquarters singing the Notre Dame fight song, creates exciting new tailgate recipes and cleans his Ruger 30.06. His hobbies include crying at the end of "Rudy," admiring the stats he kept from his 1984 Strat-O-Matic football season and driving around Harvard Square blasting Toby Keith CDs from the speakers of the PIGSKIN Ford pick-up.



Byrne also helped found Football Nation.com and is a partner in Football Nation LLC, which powers Football Nation.com, Cold, Hard Football Facts.com, Fantasy Football Champs.com, College Football Geek.com and Fantasy Football Slots.com.


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