Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 1 Review and Start of Week 2

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Sep 17, 2015

Tyrod TaylorAll you fans who have spent the past few days out of sight while counting your Week 1 winnings, welcome to Week 2. Nostrathomas rode the fumes of freshly fermented beer to a 13-3 record both straight up and against the spread. The were a few events that were cloudy and hard to see going into last weekend but nothing is invisible where hindsight is concerned.

In one of the early Sunday games Nostrathomas gave you the Indianapolis Colts, favored by 2.5 over the Buffalo Bills. The quality of Buffalo's defense wasn't in doubt. It was Super Bowl caliber last season and hasn't slowed down with Rex Ryan as head coach. The issue with this game was whether the Bills could generate enough points with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback, making his first professional start, to beat a team that played in the AFC Championship Game last season. Turns out they put up enough points by the end of the first half to outscore the Colts.

Even while playing with fully inflated balls, presumably, the Colts only rushed for 64 yards, Andrew Luck finished with a 64.2 Passer Rating and their offense turned the ball over three times.

In Week 2 Taylor gets to pit his talents against the other AFC Championship Game participant from last season. A prediction on whether he can duplicate his Week 1 results will be coming soon.

In St. Louis, the question was if Nick Foles could give the Rams enough at quarterback to win consistently this season. In Week 1 he was everything they could want. Foles finished with a Passer Rating of 115.8 against one of the toughest defenses in football in 2014.

As for that defense, it became obvious early that they missed strong safety Kam Chancellor and the future doesn't get any easier for Seattle. A Sunday night date against the Packers in Green Bay will not be a cure for what ails them.

Week 1 finished with the Monday Night game between the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers. Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith, among others, may be gone from the bay area but the 49ers still found a way to wreak havoc on Teddy Bridgewater and his offense. They also held Marcus MariotaAdrian Peterson to 31-yards on 10 carries in his long-awaited return to the playing field.

Here are a few more Week 1 nuggets before we dive back into future events.

Marcus Mariota was last seen being fitted for a Cam Newton signature Superman cape. Is he as good as he was in his debut against the Buccaneers? No, but no one can keep living up to a game like that. What Mariota did demonstrate is he's completely unfazed at the prospect of taking over and leading Tennessee's offense.

On the Tampa Bay side, after the game Lovie Smith said, “We've had good workouts. You think you're ready, but you need to get to this first game and see exactly where you are. We're not there yet, and when you have a effort like this, it's not like there's one thing you can point your finger at.”

What's interesting about Smith's tenure in Tampa Bay is that, when he was in Chicago, his success was always about the defense. With the Buccaneers he can't even get that right. Anyway, what will really be burning Smith's butt soon is flames from his office chair if Tampa Bay continues to look unprepared and uninspired.

Finally, the prediction last week that the Chicago Bears would still lose to the Packers but were through embarrassing themselves was spot on, and don't think the Bears weren't feeling it. After the game running back Matt Forte said, "The mentality of this offense which I was proud of, is nobody had that stupid look on their face like before, when something would happen and they’re kind of saying the game is lost already when there’s time left. So, I was glad we didn’t have that. We came out and kept fighting.”

Here's to wondering if John Harbaugh is still feeling comfortable with his choice of Marc Trestman, the Bears' head coach in 2013 and 2014, as Baltimore's offensive coordinator.

Thursday Night

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs -3

Instead of playing "high-voice" Peyton Manning in his latest commercial he should have portrayed "rag-armed" Peyton Manning. The Broncos beat the Ravens last week but not because of their quarterback.

Manning averaged 3.41-Real Passing Yards per Attempt and finished with a 59.9 Passer Rating. Some of that performance can be explained by theKelce Touchdown relentless Baltimore pass rush, but not all. A lot of prognosticators believe that Manning's failure to deliver the ball downfield and sustain drives was a one-time aberration. They expect his game to pick up and skills to sharpen as the season goes on. Those seers are obviously not looking into the same beer vats that Nortrathomas is stirring.

A quarterback who expects to play well after he turns 39-years of age has to be a freak of nature, like, let's say Brett Favre for example. Manning lost his freak card when he had neck surgery and missed the entire 2011 season. This is not going to get better and Nortrathomas predicts it will get worse. Brock Osweiler, keep your arm warm.

As bad as Manning was, that's about as good as Alex Smith was for the Chiefs last Sunday. He threw for 243-yards and three touchdowns against Houston in Kansas City's 27-20 win. The troubling part of that victory was that the Chiefs failed to score in the second half.

Denver's defense stepped up last week and played nearly as relentless a game as Baltimore's did. The question is will they be that good all season or did they look better because they were facing a Marc Trestman coached, seven-step drop-centric offense that Joe Flacco was forced to run?

The Broncos are on a six game winning streak against the Chiefs which makes picking against them as tough as a Wade Phillips defense. Still, Alex Smith takes care of the ball very well meaning Denver's defense won't have the opportunity to be the scoring machine it was last week when Aqib Talib returned a Flacco interception for a touchdown.

The Chiefs' losing streak against the Broncos comes to an end tonight.

Denver Broncos 16 Kansas City Chiefs 24

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