Roger Goodell's Fatal Mistake: Tom Brady An Innocent Man

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Aug 05, 2015


By Kerry J. Byrne (@footballfacts)

Cold, Hard Football Facts Potentate of Pigskin

Now that Tom Brady transcripts have been released, let the Cold, Hard Football Facts summarize for you the entire DeflateGate controversy in 5 quick bullet points: 

1) DeflateGate was fabricated by the NFL, based upon accusations by and apparent collaboration between two teams that can't beat the Patriots, the Ravens and the Colts. It was fueled by NFL executive Mike Kensil, a man who spent many years as a senior front-office executive with another Patriots whipping boy, the New York Jets. 

2) The story, including faulty information from Kensil, was blown up by NFL allies in the media, including Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star, who covers a team that can't beat the Patriots, and Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who fed the nation a story that stood in contradiction to facts admitted by the NFL.

He only just retracted the story this week, seven months later. 

3) The NFL's entire case against Brady is based upon innocuous texts about Brady instructing a ball boy to take care of the footballs ... like any QB would say at any time to any ball boy; and by the belief that a ball boy could rummage through a big netted bag and deflate 12 footballs to Brady's exact specifications in just 90 seconds in a cramped stadium bathroom. 

Many of the accusations made by the NFL, meanwhile, are easily explained by science, including the Ideal Gas Law, which NFL executives admitted they knew nothing about before accusing Brady of wrongdoing; and by the fact that NFL game officials have admitted that balls lose air pressure during games.

Keep in mind, this entire time, the NFL found that the Colts ALSO played the AFC title game with footballs that measured under the legal limit. The league simply ignored the fact that 3 of 4 Colts footballs measured under the hallowed 12.5 PSI (upon which the NFL tells us rests the integrity of the game), as if the rules applied to only one team.

4) There is NO proof, no video, no audio, no document, no text, no email, no admission, no data, no communication, no record of any kind that shows that Tom Brady had any role in illegally doctoring footballs so that they were below legal guidelines. None. This proof does not exist. Shit, there is barely any evidence of wrongdoing by Brady, let alone a smoking gun. 

5) The legal world has a term for a person against whom no proof of wrongdoing exists: "Innocent." 

And for all this, Gridiron Godfather Roger Goodell and the mighty NFL endeavored to destroy the reputation of one of its all-time great players. In doing so, the NFL chiseled away at the foundation of its own integrity ... apparently without realizing it. 

Nice job, NFL. 

For Goodell, meanwhile, sounds like he'll soon learn what the Colts, Ravens, Jets and others have long known: trying to take down Tommy is a fatal mistake. 

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