Sieves: The Worst Run Defenses In NFL History

Cold, Hard Football Facts for May 09, 2013

It's never been easier to run the ball in the NFL, as we reported this week in our look at The Golden Age of the Ground Game.

Conversely, it's never been tougher to play run defense. The 2012 season alone gave us two of the 15 worst run defenses in NFL history, the Saints (5.16 YPA) and Colts (5.14 YPA).

The 2011 Raiders, Buccaneers and Lions also make the short list of teams in NFL history that allowed greater than 5.0 YPA on the ground.

The Saints nearly made the list two years in a row, surrendering 4.95 YPA in 2011. We reported on the historic defensive woes for the New Orleans Saints earlier this week, including history's first 7,000-yard defense.

You can also get a list of the greatest rushing offenses in NFL history right here.


 The 5.0 Club: Worst Run Defenses in NFL History

11934 Cincinnati Reds0-82551,6316.4
21950 N.Y. Yanks7-54342,4455.63
31950 Colts1-115142,8575.56
41959 Redskins3-94042,2145.48
51961 Vikings3-114932,6675.41
61958 49ers6-63802,0385.36
72006 Colts12-45192,7685.33
81965 Oilers (AFL)4-105072,6835.29
91955 Bears8-43982,1005.28
101951 Bears7-53721,9585.26
111953 Colts3-94452,3155.2
122003 Chiefs13-34532,3445.174
132012 Saints 7-94572,3615.166
141976 Chiefs5-95552,8615.15
152012 Colts 11-54282,2005.14
162008 Lions0-165362,7545.138
171956 Packers4-85122,6195.12
181961 Raiders (AFL)1-134782,4405.1
191973 Patriots5-95602,8505.09
201969 Bengals (AFL)4-9-15232,6515.069
212011 Raiders8-84302,1785.065
221960 Cowboys0-11-14472,2425.02
232011 Buccaneers4-124982,4975.01
242011 Lions10-64102,0505.00

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